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Sadik Shahadu

Woman And Son Arrested After Son Raped His Two Young Cousins Living With Them, Killed one In The Process.

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Five-year-old Sierra  Leonean girl, Kadijah M. Saccoh and her sister lived in Freetown, Sierra Leone, with her aunt and uncle. Kadijah's parents lived apart. The father, Congolese Saccoh, lives in the U.S. and on several attempts tried to take Kadijah with him to the U.S. but couldn't because a judge prevented him from doing so as the mother wasn't in support of that. Kadijah and her elder sister lived with their aunt, Kadijah mother's elder sister. 

Ironically, the aunt's son started to rap Kadijah's elder sister, 8, and Kadijah, 5. Reports say that when the aunt learned that her son had raped Kadijah's sister, she hid it from the mother of the children and treated the girl herself. Sadly, he has raped Khadija to death, and his mother hurriedly attempted to bury her. It was confirmed that the woman reportedly informed Kadijah's father about her death after which she asked for permission to bury the child, but the father demanded to know the cause of her death.   

The father instructed his relatives to get a postmortem report of her mortal remains. The result showed that her auntie's son sexually abused the girl. The father then called for a check for Khadija's sister, and it revealed that she was raped too. 

The aunt and her son have both been apprehended and with the hashtags and , internet users are seeking justice for Kadijah. 

Such a terrible story. RIP Khadija 

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